Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blognerd Bash

O'kay, so I am pretty new the world of blogging and I am really still trying to figure it all out. So I decided the best way to do that is to visit as many blogs as I possibly can and learn from the experts.

One way to do this is to participate in blog hops. So starting today I am participating in BlogNerd Bash. A lot of bloggers will be in Chicago this weekend for Blogher. I won't. :-( This is my way of still meeting bloggers.

In September I am hoping to do a huge makeover on this site. I hope it will be fun for everyone so stay tuned.

Part of the Blognerd Bash is to tell a little about yourself, (deep breath), so, here goes.

My name is Amy. I am a SAHM of three girls, Taylor (8), Madelyn (6) and Nadia (3). Everyone is nearing their next birthday so we are starting to gear up for fall parties. I am married to a wonderful man who is my hero, (you can read about it here).

I was a working mom until my youngest was 6 months old. I have a degree in mass communications and have worked in the marketing, customer service and healthcare industries.

I love to write and read. I would love to have more time to craft, (hopefully when my children are a little older). As my youngest starts school I would like to begin freelance work as a writer. I love to sing and lead worship at my home church.

Most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He is the most important part of my life. I am on a faith journey that has its ups and downs, but every night I go to sleep in peace, knowing that I believe in a big God that is always with me. I write about my faith journey on my other blog Girlfriends Get Real. In blog world I am the Get Real Girl. Because life isn't easy and way too many people try to pretend that it is. My writing is from my heart, no fluff, it is just me being real.

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And. . .there is another great Blogher at Home Blog Hop. Make sure you check in out here.

Behind the Green Door

I have a lot to get done today. I am overwhelmed with the messiness and disorganization in my house. It is funny how the kids know when I just have to be left alone to get everything back in working order. I was busy slaving away over my domestic tasks when I realized they were being way too quiet. I decided I better search for them.

I heard giggling from behind this green door.

They heard movement outside their clubhouse.

I think they are hiding from their crabby mom.