Monday, August 10, 2009

"C" is for City Park

This week Mcklinky's Blog Hop is favorite photo(s). The girls and I are working on a little project called "The ABC's of our Hometown". We have been brainstorming all of our favorite places in town and trying to find something that represents every letter of the alphabet. We are still working on a few letters and then we need to figure out exactly how we want to put it all together. The pictures I am sharing represent the letter "C". After you check out these pictures, go to Simple Kids to check out my first children's book review! It should be up sometime on Tuesday.

"C" is for City Park

MckLinky Blog Hop


I found this really fun new tool called Snazl from Extraordingary Mommy. I think it looks like another fun way to get to know other women online. She is hosting a party today. Check it out!