Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Golden Day

Today is Taylor's Golden Birthday. I can't believe that she is 9. . .wow! She has decided that since it is 9/9/09 it is not just her Golden Birthday. It is her Super Duper Golden Birthday.

Birthdays are always a big deal in our house. I love to be spoiled on my birthday so I make sure their day is extra special, too.

She wanted Chocolate Dipped Waffles with sprinkles on them for breakfast.

She couldn't wait until tonight to open her presents, either.

We were rebels and sent non-healthy birthday snacks to school. My end result are not nearly as cute as Bakerella, but they sure do taste good. (Check out her site for all kinds of Cupcake Pops for every occasion)

We are in the process of planning her birthday party. Every year each girl gets a Theme Party that they help me plan. This year in honor of her Golden Birthday she is having a Solid Gold Disco Slumber Party.