Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"Excovering" - my six year old said this word this weekend. We said what is that? I guess it is Exploring and Discovering. Which is exactly what we have been trying to do with our kids all summer.

Today we are joining Angie over at Seven Clown Circus for Wordful Wednesday. . .because anyone that know me knows that I am Word Girl and Wordless isn't really possible for me. So join in the fun.

Today we are Excovering Grandpa's Corn Field. Thought I would share a few pictures.

Nadia even poses in the corn. Whenever I am just about to take a picture, she raises her arm?! That must be her signature model move.

Taylor playing secret agent in the corn.

Madelyn in her signature ponytail and headband.

Daddy looking like he is in heaven in the middle of a corn field.

Oh wait! Is that a picture of me? That can't be, if you look through our pictures I don't belong in this family. There is no record of me in photographs. . .