Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Baby went to school today

I just have to share a few pictures from Nadia's first day of preschool. I just picked her up and she had a great afternoon. There are only two other little girls in her class so she will get a lot of attention (like she doesn't already get a lot of that at home).


Lee said...

Love the shoes!

bssnaza said...

I bet she was so excited to start school. Finally she gets to do something the big girls are doing! Hard to believe how fast they grow up! Isaac is excited for his first middle school dance tomorrow night. Even asked if he could leave football practice early to get ready for it.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

she is just so so cute Amy!!! It's hard to let them go as I am discovering with Jacob.

So sorry I didn't make it last night. My intentions were there but Emma was a disaster to get to bed last night.
Love Collette xxxx

jenn said...

I am glad she had a great day!!

Anonymous said...

All of these first day of school blogs have me clinging to my 2-year old like she's about to disappear forever. . .because she IS :(

Nadia is beautiful, and I'm glad she will get the attention she deserves in preschool!