Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kick Off to Summer Party

Well! We all survived the Party. Every year I let the girls celebrate a Kick Off to Summer Party. This year I did the party for both girls together. So. . .there were 22 girls in my backyard. (I don't have a very big backyard). It was crazy, but it was a blast. We decided to do a camping theme this year. We didn't get real fancy with the invites since we were having so many girls attend.

The girls wanted to help get ready for the party, but that lasted about 15 minutes and they were over it. Their contribution was the "No Boys Allowed (Except Dad)" Sign, that they insisted they needed. . .

We started out the party with painting ceramic bugs. (note to self: next time make sure I tell the moms to have their girls wear old clothes or have a lot of paint shirts).

Next we played Rainbow Tag. They had tons of fun with this game. I found the idea for this game in my Family Fun Magazine. We changed the game a little bit. In our version, nobody was "it", the winner was the one that found all six colors first.

Next up, we split them into four teams for a Scavenger Hunt. This activity did not take nearly as long as I thought it would, but they had fun with it. They found the items really fast.

Now it was back to the art table for Bagel Bird Feeders. My aunt gave me the idea and it was a hit. I found the instructions on Hearts and Trees Blog. Each girl got one half of a bagel. They spread the flat side with peanut butter. Next, they dipped the peanut butter side in a pie plate filled with Bird Seed. The final step was tying a string through the center of the bagel. I realized (a little late), that I should have tied them with the string before they put peanut butter on them.

Finally it was time for the Fire Pit. I got one of my friend's son to play his guitar and the girls sang along. After they screamed "No boys Allowed" a few hundred times, they did let him sing. It was great.

We finished the night with Smores. It did get a little crazy with sticks and marshmallows and fire. Thankfully some parents stepped in and helped us get it accomplished.

Here are a few pictures of the menu. We didn't do a lot of food because we started right after supper. We did Jello Jigglers, Butterfly Fruit-n-Cheese Mix, and Dirt Cups. I found all of my recipe ideas on the Kraft Foods Website.

I usually try to do cool goody bags, but I told the girls the guest list was a little bit too big for anything fancy. So I found a Journal Idea in Family Fun Magazine that I tweeked into a nature journal. I gave all the girls glow sticks, too. Then they had their painted bugs and bird feeders to finish off their treats from the party.

Another Summer Kick Off Party done. . .now I can relax until the Fall Birthday Party Season hits.

Good thing today I have a Girlfriends Day Shopping Trip Planned with no kids. . .I need it!


thatdesigngal said...

Hey there, I'm Mary and stopping by from SITS to say hi. Looks like a fun party, and I am sure very tiring at that!

Girlfriends Day Shopping Trip sounds like even more FUN!!!

Pop by whenever if you get a chance!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love having kick off to summer parties! I do this as well. Any reason to have a party, is a good one in my book! Looks like yours was a hit! I love the camping theme.



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