Friday, June 12, 2009

Left Behind

It amazes me that my two older girls are 8 & 6 and already I am not cool to be around. Their friends trump me every time. . . So yesterday they both had opportunities to spend the day with their friends. They took the opportunity and were gone before I could object.

I love it that they both have so many friends. . .but we always have one problem. The little sister that gets left behind. She is 3 and she does not like it when her sissies leave her. She starts to ask five minutes after they leave, "Can we go pick my sissies up now?" It breaks my heart. She was stuck with me all day so I tried to entertain her the best I could while still trying to get done a few things around the house.

I have to share a few pictures from our day.

At least she wasn't shooting me with the water. She told me she was drawing pictures on the sidewalk.

Isn't it amazing that you try and try to teach them how to pedal and they don't get it. Then one day they just get on the bike and ride it????

After all of our fun she wanted a freeze pop. I wondered why she asked me for her Dora gloves. . .

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Laurie said...

She's really adorable! I like the Dora gloves while eating a freeze pop! So elegant! LOL!