Monday, June 29, 2009

Messy Art Party - Camp Thue Part 1

Here is the first activity we did at Camp Thue. I had visions of setting up a great tablescape for lunch pre-party. For some reason with this family it just never works. Half of the adults decided to sit inside. Nobody seems to all sit down and eat at the same time, etc. So, I just set up the food and plates and let them dig in.

After lunch I set up the art stations. I had eight stations for the kids to explore.
1. Feet Sponge Painting
2. Wall Mural Painting
3. Paint a Koozie
4. Bubbles
5. Sidewalk Chalk
6. Playdough
7. Finger Painting
8. Beading

At the end we tie-dyed t-shirts. I decided this shouldn't be a station because it was easier to do it all together.

Most of these kids do not get to do "Messy Art" at home so it was fun to let them get dirty. Here are some pictures of the fun.

Feet Sponge Painting. They started with sponges on their feet. That didn't last long. They took off the sponges and just used their feet to paint.

Wall Mural Painting. The kids kept wandering back over to the fence to add more to this masterpiece.

Paint a Koozie. These were the only non-washable paints that were used. The kids loved doing this and after they dried they used them the rest of the weekend. We didn't let the kids drink pop, but their little water bottles fit snug so they still were able to use them.

The kids had the most fun cleaning up the paint that they got on the sidewalk.

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