Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Afternoons in the Summer

We survived Camp Thue, barely, we are all exhausted. I will blog this week on the Messy Art Party, Horseback Riding, etc. It was a blast. The cousins went home tired, fed and a little bit dirtier than when they came, but I think they will all come back next year.

Of course today after the last of the family left, I wanted to sit in a comatose state in the chair and relax, maybe take a little nap. . .but that was not going to fly with the girls. They are just coming off of being entertained for three days so they want the fun to continue. It was either find them something to do or they would sit in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

We had already been to the swimming pool so I decided to dig out the Tempra Paints, pencils, drawing books and big white paper. I think it is important to put away the coloring books and give them blank paper so they use their imaginations. Of course I had to sit down with them and participate. They don't like it when I set out the supplies and leave them to craft alone.

Hopefully they are satisfied for a little while. I think their dad will be home from work soon, maybe he can entertain them this evening.

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