Monday, June 8, 2009

Daisy Flower Power

I am headed with my Girl Scout Troop to Day Camp today. My troop is Daisies so we don't go overnight, we just have a little four hour camp. Last night my 6 year old and I had to make some S.W.A.P.S. to exchange with the other girls. We had never done an event before so we did not realize that S.W.A.P.S were part of the deal until last minute.

She made bee pins out of pipe cleaners and craft foam. They really did turn out cute and they were pretty easy to make. I did all of the hot glue gun work so she couldn't do them all by herself. Below are the instructions for the project. Now hopefully the rain will stay away today for this outside event. . .

Cut a black and yellow pipe cleaner in half.

Wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil side by side.

Cut out wings from white craft foam paper.

Hot glue the wings and eyes to the pipe cleaners.

Hot glue the pin to the back of the wings.

Bees are ready for the SWAP.

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